Kanika Kapoor Se Corona Kapoor ka suffer !!!

Kanika Kapoor

Is it right to blame only Kanika Kapoor or we should think where is fault of as an individual (all who attends her party) and as checking process system for novel coronavirus.

Currently, the whole world is facing novel coronavirus (covid-19) issues. In India, we are seeing the growth of novel coronavirus cases each day. And Our country Indian government try to control these cases as soon as possible So government passed many circular to the Indian citizens to avoid any social gathering if you are coming from any novel coronavirus affected country.

Baby Doll girl Kanika Kapoor, attends many parties with Indian know leaders and celebrities. When everyone came to know that she is infected with novel coronavirus then everyone started criticized her and called her with a different name like “Kanika corona Kapoor” and many others.

Our News media started criticized her in such a way that she did all those things intensely.

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Now if see the story of another side, If the government ordered that avoid unnecessarily gathering or party but few leaders itself part of those party, then how they think that normal people will follow these things easily who have to come out his on daily bases for their livelihood.

Currently, she has been booked for negligence and disobedience to the order issued by a public servant, an official said.

An FIR was lodged against the singer by Lucknow’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Narendra Kumar Agarwal, at the Sarojini Nagar Police Station, on Friday night under Sections 188, 269, and 270 of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the Lucknow police, two more FIRs were registered against Kanika for negligence, at Hazratganj Police Station, and at Gomti Nagar Police Station.

Sections 188 : disobedience of an order duly promulgated by a public servant,
Section 269: negligently acting in a way likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life, and
Section 270: malignant act likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life

Indian penal code

Sotrywalla agrees that she should aware, what is happing in the surrounding world. She came from London when novel coronavirus spreading all over the world. Even our country had issued that if anyone coming from novel coronavirus affected country, they should do self-quarantine at least 14 days. Since novel coronavirus, start showing its symptoms within 14 days.

We should understand that the current situation of the world, Which is not normal and every country tries to overcome the problem of this pandemic situation and trying to give comfort to each and every citizen.

Stay home , Stay safe and safe the society


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