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Must watch MX Player’s Web Series ‘Bhaukaal’ based on a true event

Bhaukaal MX Player

Bhaukaal is the story of SSP Naveet Sekera, who cleanses the city of Muzaffarnagar infested with criminals. The city is in a state of chaos and utter lawlessness.

When Naveen Sikhera joins Muzzafarnagar as the new SSP, he is challenged by the utter despair of people living under the fear of local gangs. He reforms the police and nabs any and every effort of the criminals to take control of the city. Indeed, his heroic mission is to make Muzzafarnagar from a ‘crime capital’ to a ‘peace capital’.

This web series brings out the problem that is faced by police during their duty be it the political pressure or media pressure. The guns which are provided to them to fight with the crime are too bad with automatic guns. They have to handle every situation in remaining with the rules.

The story begins in Muzaffarnagar, which is ruled by two gangs. One of them is led by Mohammad Shaukeen Khan and his men, while the other is the gang run by the Dedha brothers. When Abbas, a member of Shaukeen’s gang, kills a guy belonging to the Dedha gang, tensions rise and Shaukeen predicts a riot wherein Dedha gang members.

Bhaukaal – Mohit Raina as Naveen Sikhera

Star Casts:

Real NameCharacter Name
Sanyam Srivastav Karim
Abhimanyu Singh Shaukeen
Rahul Rajpoot Pooja Sikhera
Siddhanth Kapoor Pintu Dedha
Gulki Joshi Neha
Sunny Hinduja Farukh
Bidita Bag Nazeen
Amitt K Singh Vinod Sharma
Upen Chauhan Rajesh Yadav
Ravi Pandey Iftekhar

The main character in the series is Navneet Sekera who is an IPS officer. The character is played by one of the versatile actors and the URI fame MOHIT RAINA. He has lived out the character very well and brought justice to the character.

The character is fearless and aggressive in nature which very well is justified by the acting of Mohit Raina. The local language which is spoken in the series is very well spoken by Mohit.

Who is Navneet Sekera?

Navneet Sekera is a 1996 UP cadre IPS officer and an IIT Roorkee alumnus. He is currently designated as the Inspector General (IG) of the women’s power line, Uttar Pradesh. Navneet Sekera was promoted to ssp and posted in Muzaffarnagar which was know as CRIME capital of INDIA. He changed the condition of crime of the city through his hard work and dedication.

He brought the crime rate too low under his leadership. This web series will surely bring faith in public towards the police.

There is no such thing called talent, if you have a fire within you talent follows you.”

Navniet Sekera

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