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Don’t judge anyone

do not judge anyone

I don’t judge anyone for two main reasons, Because I have too many faults of my own & because I don’t know the battles others are fighting.

When I was younger, I wanted to change the world but as I grew older & wiser, I felt it was better & easier to change myself. I always remember a small parable whenever I feel hurt & think of changing the ways of the world or someone’s attitude or behavior.

Once a King fell ill and the doctor advised him that he should only see a Green color in case he wants to recover. Being a King he ordered that let everything in his kingdom be painted green & lo & behold his loyal courtiers started following the order.

A wise Minister came to know of the same & went to meet the king & advised him, ” Won’t it be easier if you wore Green Coloured lenses” The king immediately realised his folly & followed the Minister’s advise & rewarded him handsomely for his guidance.

If you have a problem with your feet, it is better to wear a pair of slippers than to try & carpet the whole earth.

So, don’t judge others, don’t find fault in others behavior but look at ways to improve yourself

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