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The label of Failure

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I have learned a lot of life lessons just seeing my children grow up. Like when my son was just a year old and was trying to take his first steps and repeatedly fell down, he tried again…and again…and again.

Sometimes he laughed. Sometimes he cried. Sometimes he laughed and cried at the same time. But he kept trying and trying… laughing and crying. He did not label his experience. He just enjoyed it.

Unlike us adults, our babies don’t know the possibility of a failure, so they happily keep falling down until one day they take a few steps, and then a few more. Before long, they’re jumping and running. All the trying pays off. They fall but never fail.

As grown-ups, what if we also simply choose not to fail? I think the biggest problem we all face in our lives is that we fear to start doing things just because we fear to fail…because we give too much power to the label of “failure.”

I associate well with this label, having been through a stage few years back when I was almost overpowered by it. And I almost gave in then, but overcame– thanks to the support of family and friends and God’s blessings.

What life has taught me since then is that failure is an event, not a person. Failures will happen, and I don’t need to give each of my experiences a label.

Good, bad, hard, easy, success, failure etc. do not exist but as labels in our minds. All we need to do to hold our head high is to break through these labels.

The only way to avoid “failing” is to stop giving failure a label. Because if you adopt, reinforce, and feed this label in your mind, you give it power over you.

We are, after all, not the labels we give yourself. Labels are limiting. We are not. Don’t label yourselves.

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