Life needs a Teacher to make a smooth journey

teacher asking a question to the class

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We are born in this world as little children without any knowledge and strength. Knowledge and power are of course there but they are in a latent state. We need to be given the right knowledge, right care, and proper guidance to pave our way in life.

Every person who shows you the way and helps you in your journey is a teacher. Be it our parents, our school teachers, our siblings, our friends, our professors, our colleagues, or we ourselves.

We should learn from everyone and everything. Whatever situation you face in life is also a teacher, take your lessons from them, learn from your mistakes and achievements, and keep evolving. It’s an eternal process.

Also good teacher is not alone enough, student should also be willing and receptive. We should have a thirst for knowledge and we should cherish the process of learning. A good teacher and a good student together make a recipe for success and greatness.

In spirituality, it’s said that the teacher will arrive when the student is ready. So keep learning and keep making your efforts and the right people will make their way into your life when the right time comes. The biggest teacher resides inside you. All you need is to connect with yourself and listen to the inner voice.

The teacher or mentor or professional guru provides us with a great privilege by giving a mentor to every stage of life.

Thoughts of writer Abhinav

Storywalla says that mentors in life are extremely helpful to proceed in life smoothly. They help you both in your career, and your life as well.

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