True love is always nearby you


True love is nearby you

We all search for love and get into it then heartbreak happens. life moves on and someday something unexpected happens to all the depressed and heartbroken people. You never know what God has planned for you.

I studied till class 7th in my village and then moved to the nearest high school. He was there in that school from class first. I being as lateral he ragged me on the day first asking “which soap you are using”? My first immersion about him: “manner-less”, “rowdy” and too proud for his good marks, looks.

I was too judgmental for him. He never got punishment in school because he was topper of our batch and his parents sponsor many things for school. The whole school was talking about his interest in a girl.

Almost everyone talks about him and his gang and I was that student nobody never noticed. I completed 10th hating him to the core of my heart and hoping will never see him again in life. He got 93% which was a big deal in 2006 and get admission to the best school in our state capital. I got into an average school along with some average school mates.

Again here I used to listen from my gang about his relationships, gang trips, etc. They even arranged a school get-together and I did not go because I did not want to see him and his gang who were arranging this. I completed 12th and again he got into one of the best engineering colleges and I got into a top 30.

He had his relationships and I had mine and these things get circulated through common friends.I had a serious betrayal and heartbreak in my love life in the final year.

I completed B.tech in 2011 and he was placed in MNC company with a better package and I got TCS. He joined before me and I was irritated by seeing his Facebook posts about his progress and foreign visit.

After a few months, I started my training and after six months placed in Bangalore. It was only me who got a project in my training batch and was traveling to Bangalore alone. I reached the early morning and found I lost my purse(money & cards), so I called a few know people city and everyone was worried but no one came to help.

I was crying and collapsing called my friend, who suggested to call “him” for help. Keeping all the ego aside I called him Sunday morning 7.30 am he picked up my call and told me that he is coming.

He came on his Yamaha FZ bike, booked an auto for me, loaded my bags and followed the auto to electronics city unloaded and gave his HDFC card to me. Probably we talked for the first time in life(i don’t remember if we ever talked in school). He said bye to me and left.

For the first time, I thought I was hating him since 2003 almost for 8 years and still he turned up without raising any question. All-day I was thinking about him.. his bike , that blue t-shirt he was wearing, that HDFC card. For the next one year, we had too little conversation, though I wanted to talk and wanted to know him.

I tried to re-listen his 12th and B.Tech stories from other friends and did not found them that wrong and realized except me everyone thinks good about him. Everyone has a good thing to say about him. He helped one friend with money during need, drove someone 70 km in urgent time when there were buses on strike. He was always there for his friends whenever they need.

I literally made a bridge of good opinion about him which is longer than Qutub-Minar 🙂.

The “manner-less”, “rowdy” and “too proud” guy now replaced with “mischievous”, “Manly” and “confident” guy. Now his Facebook posts seem interesting for me but he never noticed and never get the hint I give. I fall for him ❤ ❤ ❤ .

Finally in 2014, out of nowhere he proposed me and said I got a good offer from another company, he got all the hint from last 2 years and was waiting for a better package to impress me. And then there was no looking back. I married him in 2015 and living happily  ❤ 🙂

Sometimes we know a person but never thought about him , never loved him, move in wrong direction to search love get heartbreak and some incident happened and you realize he is the one you were searching all the time.” ❤

What do you think true love is always nearby you? OR we need to search it or true love searches true love itself. Give views about true love in comments.

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