Your Morning Start with Worrying or Thinking

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Human beings are far superior in their analytical, logical, and creative thinking skills than other species. But we seldom exercise our ability to think. We worry instead. Most of us don’t know the difference between thinking and worrying.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it moves but does not go ahead. There is action but no progress. Thinking, on the other hand, enables one to move forward. From creating problems to solving problems.

One should have clear thinking from the moment one wakes up in the morning. We have the freedom to control our mind and steer its thoughts in a positive direction. Rather than letting your mind decide where it wants to take you to lead the way.

We should learn how to align and prioritize our activities of the day, take decisions, etc. Every person is playing a role in life. Often we have to play multiple roles. As soon as we wake up, all these roles, along with their responsibilities, comes rushing into our minds.

Imagine this every day we struck by these challenges. And the nature of the challenge keeps changing. After pondering over all that comes to mind, pause for a moment. Try to think through this clearly. Not every task needs to be worked on immediately. Some can be acted upon later also.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you prioritize what needs to be done right away and what can wait. First thing is to assimilate your thoughts so that you don’t miss out on anything. make a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished. then prioritize what needs to be done, based on its urgency.

Once the priority for the day is set, you will have achieved a degree of clarity that will make feel you are in charge of yourself and your day.

Careful planning followed by execution is the key to success.

Reference from book Chanakya in daily Life by Pillai

Storywalla says that instead of worrying about our tasks we should think about them and make plans to execute them according to their importance and urgency. It will help you progress your day productive manner.

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